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We have many more knife pictures on our Facebook Page, below are some direct Instagram feeds (click on any picture for more details), scroll way down to see some early pictures before IG.

The Bully, available in SM-100 and CPM 154 is a tank of a folder, but fits nicely in the hand and is easy to carry.


Really had some fun with this little SM-100 neck knife for a new customer, not my typical style, but I like it a lot.  He wanted a stone wash finish, but decided to stick with the as heat-treat finish after seeing it – I think he made the right choice!


The development of the Red Wing model – these out of SM-100.  Worked with a Navy SEAL to nail down the design – my favorite project to date!

A few unique SM-100 Knife coloration shots.


My little guy learning how to scribe center lines before grinding (440C diving knife).


SM-100 dive knife prototype – it has some design issues, but you gotta love Fred’s heat treat!

Some little SM-100 Dashis made from left over pieces of plate.

Progression of SM-100 knives from sheet to fully heat treated blades.


SM-100 Kobold Expedition Tools knives that went on Ran Fiennes historic winter trek across Antarctica.


A little 1095 machete work for a slightly unique client.


My littlest guy helping set up a new TW-90 grinder.


SM-100 Big Dipper prototype for Kobold Expedition Tools.


My oldest boy helping clean some cans that will ultimately be loaded with SM-100 powder and converted into plate for knives.


Pictures of a corrosion test Summit Materials did comparing SM-100 to titanium, 304 stainless, S30V, and 440C.  The SM-100 came out clean, the off color in the picture is only due to the rough as-hot rolled surface.


Funny SM-100 cartoon someone sent me.


My dear friend, Duane Dwyer.


SM-100 Little Bastard knives profiled and rough ground.


Fred measuring the hardness of an SM-100 Kobold Big Dipper blade, spot on at Rc 60.


Rolling a small, custom sized SM-100 sheet for a knife customer.


I really like the stonewashed finished on SM-100 – or any blade material for that matter.